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About Scott Coletti

My name is Scott Coletti, a physician, author, and internet entrepreneur. I am passionate about improving upon ones personal development and prosperity. I have four beautiful and healthy children and reside in Belleair, Florida.

I am glad you visited my site and hope that you will come again. I am constantly asked why I created this site, so I’d like to answer that right up front. I feel that it is extremely important to get to know someone prior to meeting or doing business with them. Whether you are a new patient, business prospect, or just some random person who came across my site, I want you to get a better picture of who I am and what I stand for.

I am passionate about life and found my purpose, which is to serve others. I am not a saint, but just an average guy who sees only the good and potential in all people and situations. It is a fact that we can improve upon any situation which life presents. I hope that this site helps in some way, It helps me. Whatever your reason for visiting this site, I want to thank you.



Latest Blogposts

I’m Still Alive

It has been almost two and a half years since I last posted a journal. I have to say that I have been busy, though with a different energy shift. The past couple years have been ‘trying’, but nothing good comes without struggle. I am now seeing a far clearer picture...

Our Name Is Our Virtue

To possess a character or quality which is considered good in and of itself.  When your name is brought up when you are not around, do you think it rolls with the definition of virtue?  I can remember growing up and thinking constantly that I did not care what anyone...

See, Hear, And Feel The Now

First off, please forgive my lapse in postings over the past couple months.  I have unfortunately not been away on a long vacation, but giving my attention to other business.  Just sitting down to write is almost therapy for myself and I am quickly reminded of how...