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I want to share with you the true meaning of winners and losers.  I know that you guys love the cartoon Tom and Jerry, right?  I think Croix calls it “Kitty Cat”.  The purpose behind this entire cartoon is Tom trying to catch Jerry.  The question I have for you guys is whether or not you think Tom is a winner or a loser.  I think you would agree that there have been many times that Tom has caught Jerry, but never long enough to carry out his main goal to have Jerry for lunch.  Are you following me?  Good.

Let us focus on Tom.  Tom has always been very creative with many different ways of trying to catch Jerry.  You guys have seen almost every episode and surely it seems that Tom is never a winner.  Jerry always seems to outwit Tom.  I’ll bet each of you secretly wished that Tom would catch Jerry, not so he could eat him, but just because you felt sorry for him.  I want each of you to know that Tom is a winner and not a loser. The reason is that a winner never gives up or quits.  A winner keeps on trying and trying no matter what happens.  Tom would have been considered a loser if half way through each cartoon he stopped trying to catch Jerry and gave up.

This is a very important message to understand.  The score at the end of a game does not necessarily determine winners and losers.  If you are playing a game and decide to quit the game before it is over then you are a loser.  As long as you continue to play and try your best, regardless of who “wins” the game, you will come out a winner.   I promise that I am not just saying this because I am your Dad, Losers quit and Winner’s never give up.  Don’t ever forget it.  Years from now when you are watching Tom and Jerry with my grandchildren, you will be able to tell them what a winner Tom is in spite of him ever catching Jerry.

A winner admits when he is wrong        A loser points a finger at someone else.

A winner learns from  mistakes              A loser avoids change

A winner makes his own fate                  A loser believes in fate

A winner speaks with his/her actions   A loser talks and talks and talks

A winner pays it forward                          A loser clings to all possessions

Love you guys,