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I am almost done with my first book.  I have procrastinated a bit, but I should be done by the end of the year.  I am still looking for assistance with the illustrations but I am excited.  I will let the cat out of the bag upon completion and not before.  I never like to procrastinate but I have to admit that this one took a little longer than I initially expected though I am very proud to be so close to completion.  I am most excited for the kids because I know they will love it and cherish it always, I hope!  This is such a wonderful time of year and feel so blessed.  I have been working on paying closer attention to my thoughts.  That is, my thoughts of hope and prosperity.  I recently wrote an article on this idea of giving attention only to those thoughts which are going to make you feel good and prosper.  It actually works.  I  don’t mean to sound surprised, but to actually be able to see and feel the results are empowering.  I come across people often that appear of a positive or uplifting spirit and walk away doubting their genuinity.  I am constantly struggling with similar issues and life concerns as everyone else is regardless of its origin.  I have made a pact with myself to improve everyday in becoming a better person and leader.  I am committed to lifting my spirit on a daily basis with genuine intention to be who I want to be.

If I help someone else to strike a nerve in themselves to make that change then so be it.  It’s always been my intention to help others see their true potential, but what I have finally realized, and I mean really realized, is that it is difficult enough to change my own self for the better.  There!  I said it.  I will stop trying to talk others into seeing more potential in their life and I will work that much harder at solidifying my own life path.  To the many business associates of mine, I want you to do the same.  Stop looking outside for new business, but look back inside before going any further.  We all need sometimes to take a step back before moving forward.  Now is the time.  Also to my patients, I want you to not just take my word for it when I tell you that you are getting better, but I want you to tell yourself that you are truly getting better.  Remember that all goodness comes from within.  This reminds me of an acronym I made up when my brother told me he was stressed and having  Agida.  Agida is a slang word for heartburn or mental aggravation.  I thought about it all day and came up with:






Isn’t that great?  We all know that our gut feels terrible when we are stressed, nervous, or scared.  If we convince ourselves that this Agida is just the beginning of something good about to happen, then wouldn’t that make us all feel better?  It is just a thought.  Off for now, go and……

Make it the best day ever!!