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It has been almost two and a half years since I last posted a journal. I have to say that I have been busy, though with a different energy shift. The past couple years have been ‘trying’, but nothing good comes without struggle. I am now seeing a far clearer picture of what my true purpose is in this life. I stand strong with All that I have previously posted through my journaling, but what I have come to realize is that the majority of it was centered on ‘Me’. I often skirted around the truth about Faith and God. I felt that it may not have been received well by any who read my posts and be turned off. I no longer care if I offend anyone that does not have faith in God and thankful of all that he has given us.

I learned that my life and short time I have here on Earth is not mine to selfishly do with it what I please, but rather follow his word and guidance through the Holy Spirit which lives in us all. It’s not about me, but him. Many people do not consciously take the time to think farther than today or tomorrow. Most are not clear that we will die some day and often live a life in worry and struggle. Jesus walked this planet to teach us the true meaning of life and even more important, eternal life after death. It is not my intent to argue with skeptics but rather share my own personal faith and growth and find peace here on Earth during my short stay.

I have learned to not walk through life like a zombie and attempt to convince myself that ‘I’ am in control. I am not and when I finally came to grips with that, I found myself ridding useless baggage and handing the keys over to my creator. Like a breath of fresh air. I often laugh to myself when I realize how ‘lost’ I really was when all along my Guide was with me all along and I never bothered to consult him. I feel I did at times, but was actually not listening because my Ego neglected me to truly listen. If you want true changes in your life for the better, than begin to let go and perhaps visit your church daily or a couple days a week for 5 minutes of peace and quiet. This habit will begin to reignite your relationship with God and bring a smile to his face. When you do, he will speak to you and listen to you.

This relationship will open doors in your life through chance happenings, family, friends, or strangers. Unless you take time to grow a prayer life, you will continue to ‘meander’ through life, with no true meaning or purpose. This does not take a doctorate degree, only discipline. We All posses our equal share of god given talents. Remember, regardless of your faith, we all came from an energy source that exists in us all. Tap in to it, and take the ‘me’ out of the equation and see what blooms into your life. In closing, it is vital to realize that this transformation takes time and you will never graduate, but just continue to strengthen in faith and constantly starve for more!!