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I have been so blessed and fortunate to visit this beautiful place on our planet. I arrived just yesterday and was amazed at the similarities and yet differences two places in this world can be. People like you and me only they come from a different part of the world. The pristine landscape of rolling hills and green pastures, and to say green is an understatement, are everywhere. Depending on where you live would only give you a better appreciation for this beautiful country in order to place comparison upon it.

I golfed yesterday only to see bouts of sunshine and tumultuous rains and brief thunderstorms throughout our entire round. Now, I am used to Florida afternoon showers rolling in off the gulf, but this is different. It was almost as if the clouds were speaking to you with such ferocity. I am not sure even if my skills as a writer could do it justice.

I am entering into my second day here in Kildale Ireland, where they hosted the 2006 Ryder Cup Golf Tournament. I’ll be playing the Palmer course and will hopefully be spared some by the weather today. Either way I will take it all in and remain ever so blessed to even be here.

To all of you reading, these things and places I am able to experience doesn’t come without a price. That price is dedication and hard work. I encourage all of you to take action with your life and grab it by the horns. It just so happens, that’s what I do. Someone far wiser than me once said, “Seek Wisdom”, from someone who has what you want, and be willing to be their student, only until you too can lead others along that same journey!! Cherio…