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By now I am quite certain that many of you have thought of some ideas for what the “I” stands for.  Lets us review in brief.  First we need to look for opportunities in which we can Serve others regardless of the the situation.  Second we learned that it is imperative for ones growth and success to Listen more than we speak.

Now for the “I”.  One must, set in motion, commence, invest in order to grow.  These statements are synonyms for Initiate.  So  often in my own personal experiences, I found myself sitting back and waiting for the doors of opportunity to knock with hopes for my personal growth and success, but I only found myself running in place and never saw the changes I desired to come into my life.  I learned quickly that if I wanted something I needed to initiate the knocks at my door.

This can only be accomplished if one takes responsibility and begins knocking on doors rather than waiting for others to knock.  When I began to initiate encounters without knowing who would answer my knocks, I began to see personal growth and success overflowing into my life.  There is an old saying that opportunity only knocks when you begin knocking on opportunities door.  If you want something in this world you must go and find it.  For every action there is a reaction.  Too many people sit back and wait only to find themselves growing older, more tired, frustrated, and broke.  I learned to take action in everything I do knowing that this world of abundance will react exactly as you intended.  I do not possess any more energy or spirit than any other person or thing.  We all come from the same seed and have dormant forces within each of us just waiting to come to life.

It is these dormant forces that will remain asleep if you continue to sit back and wait for the changes you wish for in life to take place.  The catch here is to trust your inherent abilities and god given spirit to attract into your life exactly what you intend without fear, hesitation, or doubt.  It really is that simple.  This spirit that lives in you and me has no boundaries, limits, or end.  It is infinite and is only held back by your self doubts and hesitation.  This energy source doesn’t know anything about confinement unless you think it.  The best way to continue life as you know it is to do the same thing you have done up to now in your life.  Again, it’s that simple.  I want each of you to begin speaking to yourself as if you have a power within you that no one else has and that you will use it to gain access to whatever it is that you intend for yourself in this world.

Remember that your only obstacle is your doubts and fears.  Now go out and make it happen!