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To possess a character or quality which is considered good in and of itself.  When your name is brought up when you are not around, do you think it rolls with the definition of virtue?  I can remember growing up and thinking constantly that I did not care what anyone else thought and that I was better than them anyways.  This attitude has its perks, but can easily be detrimental in the real world as an adult.  I feel that there was a time when I convinced myself that I really was good regardless of what may have been said about me in random conversations.  This was a good quality to have because in the end it shaped me and who I am today.  I personally could think of the many different paths I could have taken but again, it shaped me and made me who I am.  We all want control and many may disagree with this statement, but in the end, we need to sleep good at night and feel  within ourselves that we are good.

Perception is not always reality.  Here in this statement lies the truth.  What we often perceive to be true may or may not be true.  But to who?  What differentiates us from others?  What is your gauge?  We were all put on this planet to do what?  Are we to alienate ourselves from all others and survive or be selfish?  I once heard or read somewhere that everyone should take the time to ponder what it would be like if they could attend their own funeral and listen in on all that was said in their behalf.  What would they say about you?  That is a powerful statement.  I like to believe that after we leave this world our journey continues and that our time here will be judged.  We are  all judged at work which defines us as an employee and perhaps advancement opportunitiees with our workplace.

Every second counts, so don’t go another without thinking about your name and what comes after it.  Do you enjoy compliments?  If you do, then perhaps others do as well.  Here is your homework.  Over the next 24 hours, count how many compliments you distributed and tally them.  This will create a stronger awareness in of yourself to how much good your name is spreading.  To spread goodness or smiles goes a long way.  I like to think that each night when I sleep, I am harvesting seeds of goodness that need to be spread throughout my day.  I could never use these seeds all for myself, and to keep them to myself would be like watching good food go bad.  Don’t hoard all that you have to give, go out and spread it so that others will reap your virtue.