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I began this little series of articles with the term, “Don’t be afraid to slip-up.”  Within the word I broke it down to serving others, listen often, initiate action, and finally for the “P”.  While it is extremely important to serve, listen, and initiate, it is also vital to persist.  One could also reciprocate the word persist with other synonyms like follow-up, never quit, or relentless.  It does not matter which term you want to use, but the meaning behind it does.  I can remember reading an article in a business journal magazine recently that spoke about the number one failure in generating new and consistent business.  It was in the failure to persist or follow-up with leads on an ongoing basis.  Many unsuccessful representatives for various businesses seem to think that once a contact has been generated and the initial relationship has been established, then business will soon begin to roll on in.

Those of us with children understand the importance of persistence far more than those without.  When our young children want something they are determined and they will get it, many times because we appreciate their persistence, right?  Perhaps not, but this example does drive the importance of persistence home a bit.  I have often wondered how or why my youngest son can rant and manipulate me or his mother into just about anything as if he has a wisdom beyond our own capacities.  Kids persist because they only see what they want and will do whatever it takes to get it.  They do not think of all the steps that are required and diligent efforts needed to be done.  They are not worried about what others might say.  They are not talking to themselves quietly about all the reasons they should stop persisting or finding excuses to abort from the task at hand.  We can learn a lot from our children and persistence is key.

Relationships and business do not happen overnight.  They are planted and nourished with consistency, attention, repetition, and emotion.  Do you notice that last sentence?  CARE!  (Consistency, Attention, Repetition, and Emotion)  I think I just may save that for another article.  If you want something bad enough you need to be persistent.  The bottom line is that if you are not persistent with your efforts then you really do not care about the outcome.  Anyone who cared would stop at nothing.  There is a price for success in this world, though it is not in monetary value, but in never giving up.  That cost is free.

The next time you feel that you may have had a “SLIP-UP” moment, remember what it really means and be sure you are in connection with its true meaning.  If you do this you will without a doubt begin to see and notice changes in your life for the better.  It is impossible for you not to.  Now go out there and make it happen.