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I had mentioned in my previous article that I would carry on with the “L” in Slip-up.  I am certain that you have an idea already with looking at the title.  That’s right, Listen.  I am the first to admit that I often found it difficult to listen to others, and I mean really listen.  It was as if I would be talking to someone and already begin thinking of what I was going to say next with no regard for the person I was engaged in conversation with.  It did not matter to me what anyone else had to say but only what I had to bring to the dialogue.  I have since realized and continue to work at the importance of good listening.  I had mentioned in the previous article in this series how important it is to serve others and to be on the look out for situations to give your time or energy.  When we can listen to someone and really listen with focused attention, we are able to give back to that person a sense of worth and uplifting experience.

Do not be overly concerned that you might be in slim company when it comes to being a good listener.  Relationships end every day with the inability to truly listen to one another as the key component.  We are in to much of a hurry and have this sense that our business is far more important than someone else’s.  We may very well have business or something to say that seems entirely more important than what someone else has to say but there in lies the inhibition for true growth as a person, leader, friend or companion.  Good people set their things down and connect eyes with someone who has something, to them, of great importance to pass on.  These good people realize that their first task is to look for opportunities in which they can serve someone else regardless of the weight of significance.

I  have always been one that enjoys the spotlight and when I find that person who actually listens to me or at least seems to me to be giving his or her entire attention to me, makes me feel good.  It feels good to be heard or appreciatted.  It does not matter if you are a attention seeker or not, but to be heard with attentivness will make anyone smile and pass it on to someone else if not yourself.

If you are not a good listener at this moment in time it is okay because there is still hope for you.  When someone is speaking to you, a good way to begin practicing to become a better listener is to pretend that you will be quizzed on that conversation when it is done.  Also, burn a hole through their eyes as if you were sending lasers through them.  This gives the speaker a sense of elevation.  When you can pick someone up you earn a credit which is passed on into this vast world of universal energy.  When you need a lift you’ll be able to tap into all that you put into yourself.  Remember that to serve and listen add more to your self worth than the average person can see on the surface.  You are a better person and one of the good people, now begin to act like it!

I will tackle in my next article the “I” in Slip-Up, until then, Make it the Best Day Ever!