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First off, please forgive my lapse in postings over the past couple months.  I have unfortunately not been away on a long vacation, but giving my attention to other business.  Just sitting down to write is almost therapy for myself and I am quickly reminded of how nice it is to share thoughts and feelings with the world.  I read recently an excerpt from a book called the Power Of Now, and it got me thinking.  The author spoke about how we all have two purposes in life.  First, an inner purpose and second, an outer purpose.  The inner purpose is essentially the here and the now.  This very second, and the next, and the next.  You get the idea.  The outer purpose is the end effect, goal, or destination which clouds many of our thought processes.  This outer purpose is where, in my opinion,  many of our problems arise.

I want to first talk about the outer purpose.  We have often been told how important it is in life to set goals and to establish plans of actions to attain them.  This is very important and vital, in fact without it, almost impossible.  There are many who set goals and plans of action to attain them, but become fixed upon the end result and seem to think that someone else is driving them there.  I believe that our psyche is what misleads us, often times in looking ahead rather than right before our eyes.  If we are so locked-in to where we are going yet blind to each step we take in getting there, its not surprising we may miss a couple signs which require detours to get us where we intend to go.

See, Hear, and Feel the Now.  The now is right before your eyes, ears and fingers.  We can never appreciate where we want to be, if we can not appreciate the journey while it is happening.  We were put on this planet for a purpose and many will die while still searching for it.  Many say life is short, but I like to think it’s just right as God intended it.  I plan to slow down and smell the roses a bit more.  Don’t be in such a hurry, because if you are you may miss your exit.