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We are all connected in some way, do you think?  We all have different mothers and fathers , but we are all from some unique source.  This source is something which can be viewed in a plethora of different forms, but in the end, it’s still some unique source.  You can call it God, or you can call it something else.  What ever you want to call it, it is something of a magnitude  which has never been scientifically figured out.  This much can not be debated.  I was listening to a very well known author and speaker who referenced this topic of where do we come from or why are we here.  We have all at some point in our life thought about this phenomenom.  I can recall a number of instances as a child pondering this very question and never really speaking a whole lot about it before my mind simply shut down and went on to something more concrete as in looking for something to eat because I was hungry or plain tired.  When I would awake, I would go about my day without questioning again my existance or anyones existence for fear of feeling weird or just uncomfortable.  I am now an adult and don’t have any more profound answers to some of these questions as I had as a child.  Being an extremely right sided brain type of person, but with a desire to work my left side to come up with some type of conclusion to our existence, I strive each day for new knowledge that makes sense to me.  As many of us on a daily basis do, I want to find comfort in my own world which makes me feel important in some way.  Surely I have a purpose here.  Here in lies the beauty in which each of us possess and no one can take from us, “Free Will”.

 I can choose to make decisions which make me feel more important and serve myself and others along my journey.  There was a time when I was always weary of what others might think of me or what I might say or do.  Though I am certainly conscious of the boundries which seperate one from acting less than normal to one of mainstream, I choose to live each day with an attitude of connectedness.  What I mean is I choose to surrender to the fact that life doesn’t come with a handbook, but  it does come with an ability to recognize that we all come from a unique but connected source.  I have chosen God to be my source only because it makes most sense to me considering the alternatives.  Some of the greatest scientists of our time have ackowledged the fact of some form of energy or source which sets everything in our material world in motion.  I respect the fact that I am not in the class of genius status like the many great minds of our past, but do feel obliged to stake claim on the foundation in which many of the greatest minds before us have claimed.  You are free to call this unique source in which we are all united anything you wish, but for those brave enough to grasp, stand tall and respect it.  The greatest and strongest microscopes in the world can not find anything which constitutes itself as matter, other than a continual vibration of particles, space, and atoms, or in other words, Energy.

We are all connected by one source whether you are a tree, a piece of furniture, or a human being.  If this is so, then is it crazy to think that one can attain anything in which it desires?  The question is not whether you are connected with this unique source because you wouldn’t be able to even read this if you were not.  Whatever this unique source is to you, or whatever you want to call it, it is real and anyone wanting to improve upon their life simply needs to polish the connection to it.  This may seem deep or a little off the status quo, but this source can not be denied.  Every day I make it a point to cleanse my connection and open the eyes to my children the overwhelming power it possesses to those willing to harness it.