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These are tough times.  What does that mean?  Maybe it means we are living in a difficult period of time.  Is it possible that there are those that see these times we are currently living in, as a time of happiness or abundance?  Whose choice is it to decide what type of times we are living in?  Does the media, government, or our checkbooks determine the times we are living in?  These are questions which I enjoy thinking and writing about.  When I write these thoughts down I remind myself how simple it really is to control the direction of my life.  I am extremely conscious of the thousands of thoughts, both good and bad, which dance around in my head on a daily basis, but I also remember how important it is to be selective of which thoughts I choose to dance with.  I can be very comfortable regardless of my surroundings when I remind myself that I am in complete control of what thoughts I choose to give attention to.  People often tell me that it is very difficult and easier said than done to do this.  They are all correct because it is difficult to do at first.  Nothing worthwhile is ever easy at first.  If it was then everyone would do it.  Does this all sound familiar to you?

I practice on a daily basis in order to live the life which I desire.  I was born, like many, with an array of certain characteristics that were part of me and pushed me in a certain direction.  I was not and do not claim to be Nostradamus, but I learned at an early age that if I wanted something in life I was going to have to practice and work harder than anyone else to get it.  I believe that there is nothing in this world that I can not do.  I don’t even think of the many things that I really probably couldn’t do.  I am a realist and don’t pretend to live in some fantasy world.  I do know that I can, with practice and repetition, choose what thoughts I give attention to and that will increase my odds of expectancy.  I also know that there is only one way to fail, and that is to quit.  That will be a hot day in the North Pole.  Give Thanks every day, not just on Thanksgiving!