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I recently just got back to the states, after traveling to the beautiful country of Ireland. Aside from the amazing beauty of the rolling hills, shorelines, and landscape I couldn’t help but be so thankful to be an American. We’ve all heard it a number of times about how lucky we all are as Americans, but until you actually go abroad and spend some quality time with simple country men and women, do you really appreciate what we have and often take for granted. I golfed for seven straight days and for four of those days I had a caddie named Drew. Drew gave me not only lessons of the lay of the courses I played and help with my golf bag, but a history lesson of Ireland and its people. I felt an honor and respect from Drew as he spoke of his country and own personal life. He was educated and all of twenty years old, but from his knowledge and maturity, you would never have known it. He was extremely proud of his country and what it stood for. He never once seemed to feel bad for himself or his surroundings, but I for some reason did. I almost feel horrible to even think that way because he so profoundly didn’t. The recession has hit their country just as it has here, but you would never know it with how this young man carried himself.

As children of God we all have equal capabilities, but where we come from certainly gives some a head start. Here in America we have freedom to pursue anything we want and go get it. I think that what I am trying to get at is I feel that many Americans are lazy and take so much for granted. We live in a country that affords so much opportunity for growth and security and many of us just sit back and think first what can be done for them instead of what could they do for someone else. I do not want to sound like I’m beating up on us Americans because there are so many that are first class citizens and not lazy. It was just an impression I felt from traveling overseas. We have it good, even in these trying times. Now, no matter what country you are from, go offer to provide service for someone and make a difference in your life for you and your family.

Make it the Best Day Ever!!